Bollywood’s Ram Gopal Varma To Make Movie About Arnab Goswami

Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma, who is known more for his cheeky tweets than his recent films, lashed out at journalist Arnab Goswami and threatened to make a film about the loud news anchor who has been going on a rampage when it comes to his reportage on Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.

His film will be entitled ‘Arnab: The News Prostitute’, tweeted Varma.

“After extensively studying him I muulled on whether the tagline should be The News Pimp or The News Prostitute though both are relevant I finally settled on prostitute for its sound,” tweeted Varma.

He also urged Bollywood talents like Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, Mahesh Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan to stand up to his allegations and not shirk from facing the bully.

He believes that Goswami is banking on the fact that Bollywood will not display the spine to stand up against his recent tirade against Bollywood.

“Was shocked to see #Arnab Goswami talking about Bollywood in such a horrible way… He calls it the dirtiest industry ever with criminal connections. It’s full of rapists, gangsters, sexual exploiters and what not?” Varma tweeted.

Ever since Rajput’s death on June 14, the Indian media especially Goswami has been at the forefront demanding answers and conducting a media tria

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