“Defiant Son” Moral Stories

Defiant Son very knowledgeable moral story for all must read this.

Was a very ardent son of a businessman. He was not at all interested in worship and good works.

In order to arouse his interest in religion, his mother sent him to a temple to listen to the sermons of the saint.

His mother lured him that if he would come to hear the sermon’s entire sermon, he would give him a thousand rupees.

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The son got ready for the greed of money, but instead of listening carefully to the sermon, he slept there the whole time.

The next morning, his son returned home and took a thousand rupees from his mother. With the money, he decided to go across the sea for business.

His mother tried hard to stop him, but the son did not listen to her. He packed his luggage and set out on a journey.

Son Moral Stories
Son Moral Stories

But alas! On the way there was a very strong storm and his ship sank along with all the passengers.

Moral Of the Story

Thus, the son also had to suffer punishment for not following the advice of the mother.

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