Farmer, Agriculture and Indian Economy

farmer working on that dryland

What is Farmer?

The farmer and agriculture is the most important part of india which makes stayble indian economy.

Also the farmer is know as a breadwinner in india.

But nowadays these breadwinners are fighting for basic needs which are not getting fulfeeled.

And this is happning only due to some selfish indian politicians.

Not only the politicians but also the traders have played a major role in this condition of the farmers.

The traders take the goods at a lower price by luring them without giving a sufficient price for the ripened grains.

And the same products are brought to the market by the traders and they trade it in a double of the original price.

India is also called as LAND OF FARMERS it would not be wrong if you say farmer is the backbone of the indian economy.

Becouse it is the fact that we all know how farmers are doing there great and hard work in contribution of growing india.

But still farmers are not that much wealthy to feed their children proper food. 

Indian Agriculture

As we know India is full of agricultural country.

As per 2018 India is second worldwide in farm output.

In India’s economy 17-18% of contribution comes from agriculture only.  

As per world bank India is the largest agricultural powerhouse. India is producing pulses,milk,grain,wheat rice and cotton in large amounts.

Agriculture is the mainstay of India’s economy. 

the graph analysis by NSSO and RBI
powred by HT

It accounts for 26% of the gross domestic product. 

It ensures food security for the country and produces several raw materials for industries. 

Agricultural development is therefore a precondition of our national prosperity.

Uttar Pradesh is the largest agricultural producing state in India. 

It is also the largest producer of sugarcane and grain along with wheat in the country.

Uttar Pradesh is the second largest producer of rice, millet, barley and other pulses.

What does farmer mean?

A farmer means (also called an agriculturist) is a person engaged in.

Farming raising live animals for food or raw materials the term usually applied to people who combine crops, orchards, vineyards, poultry, or other animal husbandry.

There are 8 major types of farming methods followed in India

  • Subsistence Farming / Agriculture.

Subsistence farming: a form of farming in which nearly all of the crops or livestock raised are used to maintain the farmer and the farmer’s family.

Farmer and his wife eagerly waiting for rainy cloudes
Farmer and his wife eagerly waiting for rainy cloudes

Pre-Industrial agricultural peoples throughout the world have traditionally practiced subsistence farming.

  • Shifting Agriculture.

A form of agriculture especially used in tropical areas.

an area of land is cleared of vegetation and cultivated for a few years.

  • Plantation Agriculture.

Plantation farming is a form of commercial farming.

In this farming crops are grown for profit.

This type of farming requires a large area of land.

Cultivated countries generally experience tropical climates with high annual temperatures and high annual rainfall.

  • Intensive Farming / Agriculture.

Intensive agriculture, also known as intensive farming (as opposed to extensive farming)

and industrial agriculture, is a type of agriculture, both of crop plants and of animals, with higher levels of input and output per cubic unit of agricultural land area.

  • Dry Farming / Agriculture.

Dry farming is also know as dryland farming. Cultivation of crops without irrigation throughout the monsoon season.

The farmer and agriculture is the most important part of india which makes stayble indian economy.

It is a form of inanimate agriculture in a region where soil moisture deficiency prevents the growth of water consuming crops like rice (Orizha sativa), sugarcane etc.

Mixed and Multiple Farming / Agriculture.

In mixed crop or mixed farming two different crops are mixed together to form a field there are very diffrent types of mixed and multiple farming.

The farmer and agriculture is the most important part of india which makes stayble indian economy.

Mixed cropping and intercropping are essentially two separate farming techniques with specific goals.

  • Crop Rotation.

Crop rotation When the same crop is planted in the same place every year.

Rotation of the crop helps to maintain soil structure and nutrient level to prevent pests from growing in the soil.

The soil structure slowly deteriorates as the same nutrients are used time to time again.

This is how farmers and agriculture works in india.

So this is the time to do something for farmers. RAISE YOUR VOICE for farmers and thier families who are very weak by finacially.

what do you think about it please write a comments.

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