Low Competition and High CPC Keywords flush poker and related

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flush poker, poker face, Lady Gaga poker flash, types of poker hands.
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High CPC and Low Competition Keywords

KeywordCurrencyAvg. monthly searchesMin search volumeMax search volumeCompetitionCompetition (indexed value)Top of page bid (low range)Top of page bid (high range)

poker hand


poker hands chartUSDN/A10,0001,00,000Low17.121.26
poker hand orderUSDN/A10,0001,00,000Low14.8521.26
flush pokerUSDN/A10,0001,00,000Low18.523.56
poker oddsUSDN/A1,00010,000Low16.6821.26
poker rankingsUSDN/A1,00010,000Low0721.26
poker hierarchyUSDN/A1,00010,000Low17.321.26
straight pokerUSDN/A1,00010,000Low25.7421.06
royal flush pokerUSDN/A1,00010,000Low224.1722.35
poker hand strengthUSDN/A1,00010,000Low17.121.26
poker suitsUSDN/A1,00010,000Low54.9821.26
all poker handsUSDN/A1,00010,000Low15.4321.26
poker odds chartUSDN/A1,00010,000Low09.2421.26
poker combosUSDN/A1001,000Low45.6620.46
highest hand in pokerUSDN/A1,00010,000Low35.2321.26
straight flush pokerUSDN/A1,00010,000Low22.920.37
poker hands cheat sheetUSDN/A1,00010,000Low02.6121.26
poker pairsUSDN/A1,00010,000Low14.8521.26
3 card poker oddsUSDN/A1001,000Low2621.26
best starting hands in pokerUSDN/A1001,000Low04.5421.26
poker hand probabilitiesUSDN/A1,00010,000Low08.3521.6
four of a kind pokerUSDN/A1001,000Low24.1621.26
full house poker handUSDN/A1001,000Low14.8521.26
poker probabilitiesUSDN/A1,00010,000Low00.5721.26
poker pot oddsUSDN/A1001,000Low09.8321.26
poker hand ratingsUSDN/A1001,000Low18.3521.26
different poker handsUSDN/A1001,000Low05.5121.26
poker winning orderUSDN/A1001,000Low144.8520.1
poker straight rulesUSDN/A1001,000Low16.6821.26
types of poker handsUSDN/A1001,000Low07.121.26
poker preflop chartsUSDN/A1001,000Low014.4623.4
5 hand pokerUSDN/A1001,000Low22.8521.05
hole cards pokerUSDN/A1001,000Low12.0721.26
poker rules chartUSDN/A1001,000Low29.8321.26
two card pokerUSDN/A1001,000Low33.6621.12
poker high card rulesUSDN/A1001,000Low22.621.26
omaha poker calculatorUSDN/A1001,000Low22.0421.26
poker card hierarchyUSDN/A1001,000Low07.4921.26
poker card combosUSDN/A1001,000Low113.0421.26
5 card stud poker rulesUSDN/A1001,000Low23.5723.93
small straight pokerUSDN/A1001,000Low13.6324.94
poker hands straightUSDN/A1001,000Low23.1521.26
poker score chartUSDN/A1001,000Low14.8521.26
poker suits rankUSDN/A1001,000Low17.121.26
winning poker hands chartUSDN/A1001,000Low54.5421.26
four card poker rulesUSDN/A10100Low312.322.26
poker hand winner calculatorUSDN/A1001,000Low20.9221.26
the highest hand in pokerUSDN/A1001,000Low14.8521.26
pick a pair poker appUSDN/A10100Medium483.3220.88

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