Miser and money (Moral Story)

Once upon a time… there was a Miser. Did not spend even a single penny of his own. He had enough gold.

He hides it in his garden, dug under a tree. Each week he would go there, dig under the tree, take out his bag, count the coins, and bury it back again.

A robber saw him doing this. Seeing the opportunity, he dug the land and took out all the money, and disappeared.

The next time the miser came to see his wealth, he could not find anything there. The place was only a pit. Troubled, he started scratching his hair and screaming.

Neighbors gathered on hearing the noise.

On asking everyone, he told me that he never spent anything. Used to be happy just looking at gold.

The neighbors said, “What is the work of gold for you – he was buried in the mud.” Just look at this pit from the front. “

Moral of the Story

Money that is not used properly is meaningless.

Moral Story

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