Are astronomers succeeding on Mars in finding life?

planet of mars is called red planet also
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Wonder if there is life on Mars

Some of our friends at the Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences in Peoria, Illinois, wonder if there is life on Mars.

It’s an idea that people have loved for hundreds of years, and maybe I’ve been as surprised about your own life as you are.

Earth is the only place we all know that supports life.

Many claims are made by observers who think they need to see evidence of life on Mars, but we now know that they were deceived by extremely difficult measurements.

From Earth, even with our most powerful telescopes, we do not see enough details on Mars to answer this question.

We need to examine this planet better.

Although robotic spacecraft has given us amazing views, no human has yet attempted to go to Mars, and no such mission has been attempted in years.

In fact, if someone was identified as the first man on Mars, it might be your age, and when you get older you might see – or participate – because people visit that planet first.

Meanwhile, NASA is now trying to find out if there is life on Mars.

We and other nations have been sending spacecraft into orbit since the 1960s, and each mission teaches us more about this fascinating planet.

We have learned that although Mars is more like Earth than the other planets in the system,

And similarly shows a better place in life, it is very different from Earth.

A compass points to Earth’s north pole because our entire planet acts like a giant magnet, but Mars doesn’t.

In addition the earth’s magnetic flux removes dangerous particles from space rays to rotate the compass needle.

The magnetic flux on Mars and the radiation from the more harmful distances reach its surface if not less than the Earth.

Although by some measurements we are told that there may be water on Mars but most but also on Earth.

And it’s so cold here that most of the water is probably not liquid but ice instead. All in all, Mars would be a real discomfort to undertake to survive!

Viking 1 and Viking 2

In 1976, NASA launched the robotic spacecraft Viking 1 and Viking 2 on Mars.

One of these landlords worked there for almost a year and the other worked for quite a few years.

Study the opposite world for many things in your life.

Their scientific experiments are designed to find out if only a few small (like bacteria) live in the soil.

Most scientists agree that the results show no signs of life.

The spacecraft had cameras that returned thousands of images from the surface, detailing rocks and dirt near changing seats and stationary landers.

Although not officially part of life experiments, the cameras were showing us that no large animals roamed here!

Future landers will make underground inquiries to find out if anything lives underground.

But where is the best place to find life?

Even though Mars is smaller than Earth, it is still a really large space, so where should scientists give landers the easiest chance to find evidence of life?

Depends on water

All life on Earth depends on water, so the spacecraft in orbit and therefore the next few landers.

Will look for more signs of water to guide the subsequent mission to an optimistic place.

Even if there is no life on Mars, it will be exciting to understand whether there is life.

In addition to finding living bacteria, NASA’s fossils will be explored which suggests that life began in the early days of Mars’ history but to a large extent it could not survive as a planet and did not evolve into a larger life.

The study of Mars will involve as many robots as there have been in the past, but with each aircraft they are becoming more advanced.

Sometimes a spacecraft will take samples from Mars and send them back to Earth where they will be studied in our great laboratories.

Eventually, humans embarked on a daring journey, but before embarking on such an excellent,

Difficult and exciting journey, the most important ones needed to be solved.

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