The rulers do not understand how to deal with the Indian media;

On the one hand, the rulers do not understand how to deal with the Indian media; On the other hand, the new Indian media has no idea what kind of restrictions we should impose on ourselves.

In such a case, the riots, the confusion, the arbitrariness, and the arbitrariness are all manifested in this Mahabharata of the media.

All kinds of media should be run by our own art.

All the rulers have always felt that they should not raise their voice against us and if possible, they should be marked forever.

Emergency on 25 June 1975

President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed declared a state of internal emergency on 25 June 1975

When the state of emergency was imposed in India, the freedom of the press was severely curtailed. There were no electronic media or news channels then.

Fortunately, the black era of the emergency ended early. No government since then has openly dared to do so.

Conflicting events in the Indian media.

Indian media

Currently, there are two conflicting events in the world of media.

First, Prasar Bharati, a government agency, decided not to hire PTI and UNI, two nationwide news outlets.

Both these news organizations are old and reliable and have been giving hundreds of news to the country’s newspapers every day for the last several decades.

The main route of newspapers.

The main route of many small newspapers is the news given by these news organizations.

However, the financial position of these news organizations is not very strong.

However, the central government’s decision to suspend his services is in a sense a ‘do as we say, or you will be strangled’.

The possibility of a PTI was recently described by a government official as a ‘traitor’.

The reason at the time was that PTI aired an interview with the Chinese ambassador.

There they made some offensive statements. This is the government’s direct revenge.

The Board of Directors of Prasar Bharati has taken a very humanitarian stance, saying, “Even if we discontinue this service, PTI and UNI can apply for the service again.”

Whether to accept or reject the application tomorrow will be in the hands of Prasar Bharati.

If PTI and UNI are not following the rules or reporting immorality, then not only the Central Government but any citizen has the right to appeal against them not only to the Press Council of India but also directly to the courts.

Without using it, the central government should stop strengthening these old and once worldwide news outlets and tie their hands and feet. This is not an event to protect democracy.

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