Update on Bangalore incident: Three killed, some injured in Bengaluru Major Incident.

The nephew of Karnataka MLA Akhand Srinivasamurthy has been arrested. He was arrested for posting a scathing post on Facebook.

The stay tuned for all major updates related to this incident.

MLA Murthy appealed to the members of the community not to stop the violence.

No need to struggle we are all brothers we will punish the culprits according to the law.

We are with you. I appeal to my Muslim friends to keep the peace.

Hundreds of people protested on social media posts on Tuesday night and DJ Hali set fire to the police station.

They smashed the luggage statue of the MLA and his sister and set fire to several police and private vehicles.

An ATM was also destroyed. Police used batons to disperse the crowd, fired tear gas and then opened fire, killing three people.

Curfew has been imposed on DJ Halli and KG Halli.


He said strict action has been ordered against the culprits and the government has made every effort to control the violence.

He said the attack on police, media personnel and civilians was unforgivable. The government will not tolerate such acts.

On Tuesday night, an angry mob vandalized the residences of Thane police station and Congress MLAs,

After which the government issued a stern warning that riots and law and order violations would not be tolerated.

The new commissioner has been arrested for posting on social media,

Bangalore Police Commissioner Kamal Pant said three people were killed in the police firing.

He said 110 people have been arrested in the violence in the city of Pulkeshi in Bangalore.

The violence, which began Tuesday night, continued into Wednesday morning.

Several people, including 50 police personnel, were injured in the incident.

The Main Issue

Violence erupted in Bengaluru after a Facebook post by an MLA’s nephew.

The angry mob attacked the MLA’s house and the police station.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

Sixty people, including an additional commissioner, were injured.

As the news spread, around 6.30 pm, hundreds of people from the Muslim community gathered around his house.

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